Joe Bridge & mJOE Staking

At the initial launch of Merchant Moe, Joe holders will have an exclusive opportunity to acquire MOE tokens via mJOE Staking on Mantle Network. This documentation provides essential information on how to utilize your $JOE tokens in the Merchant Moe platform on the Mantle Network. Our system is designed to offer Joe holders a flexible and easy approach to participating in the launch of Merchant Moe.

Key Highlights

  • LayerZero $JOE Bridge: Simple bridging of JOE from other networks to Mantle.

  • No Lock-in Period: Unstake your $JOE anytime

  • Initial Distribution Allocation: 2.5% of MOE supply at TGE.

  • Continued Emissions: 5% of MOE supply over 12 months.

Bridging $JOE to Mantle Network

To begin your journey with Merchant Moe, users are required to move their $JOE tokens to the Mantle Network. This process will be facilitated through a bridge utilizing LayerZero technology, ensuring a secure and efficient transfer.

The bridge will be easily accessible and operate in the same manner as the current LayerZero bridge which currently supports $JOE transfer between Arbitrum, Avalanche, and BNB.

The bridge is expected to be operational in the coming days. More details to be announced soon.

mJOE Staking

Once your $JOE tokens are on the Mantle Network, the next step is to deposit them into the mJOE staking contract on the Merchant Moe platform. Staking will make you eligible for the initial distribution of $MOE at the initial token generation event (TGE). You must be actively staking at the time of the TGE in order to receive your allocation. This process is straightforward and user-friendly, with no lock-up period. You are free to unstake your $JOE tokens at any time and bridge them back to other networks as needed.

Initial Distribution and Boosted Emissions

The MOE token TGE occured on January 8th. Continued emissions to Joe holders will continue until January 8th 2025.

There is no snapshot required for JOE holders prior to the initial distribution. Instead, you will receive your initial distribution through the mJOE staking mechanism. You must have your JOE tokens staked in mJOE at the time of the TGE.

At the time of the TGE, 2.5% of the MOE supply will be distributed as the initial allocation to those who have staked their $JOE into mJOE. This $MOE will be immediately claimable by all stakers.

Immediately following this, the next phase of continued emissions begins. There will be an additional 5% of the total MOE supply emitted to mJOE stakers, spread over a 12-month period.

Joe stakers can unstake their $JOE at any time and bridge it back to other chains to enjoy sJOE yield. However, you must be staked at the moment of TGE to secure rewards from the initial distribution.

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