Farming on Merchant Moe allows you to generate additional yield on your pooled liquidity. Certain Liquidity Pools will receive farm reward emissions from the Merchant Moe protocol. This is governed by MOE stakers via veMOE. Because emissions are dynamic based on voting, the yield for farms is also dynamic.

To unlock these rewards, user must provide liquidity to a pool. They will receive a receipt token for the liquidity. They can then deposit these tokens into a farm to begin accruing additional rewards.

How to Yield Farm

  • Deposit Tokens into a Liquidity Pool and receive LP tokens in return.

  • Go to the Farm page

  • Locate the Farm you wish to deposit your Tokens into

  • On the right-hand side enter the amount of LP tokens you wish to deposit

  • Press Approve or Deposit (or both) and Confirm the transaction in your wallet

  • Congratulations, you are now earning Farm rewards!

How to Unstake

  • Click the 'Unstake' Tab and select the amount of LP Tokens to Unstake, or press 'Max'

  • Press Confirm and Confirm in your wallet when prompted

  • Then click on the pool page. Here you can withdraw your Tokens from the Liquidity Pool.

How to Harvest Rewards

  • You can claim Farm rewards at anytime

  • Smart Contracts hold your Rewards until you press 'Claim'

  • Simply press the Claim button and any pending rewards, will be added directly into your wallet. You can claim from each farm individually, or claim all farm rewards from the main farm page.

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