Welcome to Merchant Moe

Merchant Moe is a trader's oasis in the bustling world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on Mantle Network, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly Decentralized Exchange (DEX) experience.

Merchant Moe is the cornerstone DEX for Mantle Network, offering seamless trading, discretized liquidity, and real yield all within his intuitive and easy-to-navigate platform. Built with the same robust technology as Trader Joe, Merchant Moe is a distinct and purpose-built native DEX for the Mantle Network, with unique features and offerings tailored specifically to serve the Mantle Ecosystem. Backed by an investment from the Mantle EcoFund, Merchant Moe's efforts to serve as the central trading and liquidity hub in the Mantle Ecosystem is underpinned by a deep liquidity and growth partnership with the Mantle Foundation.

Step into Moe's bustling portside exchange and navigate through a sea of opportunities on Mantle Network: trade a diverse array of tokens, delve into the rewarding waters of yield farming, and explore the limitless potential of Liquidity Book. With a vision of becoming the liquidity hub at the center of Mantle's innovative ecosystem, Merchant Moe is where the complex world of DeFi becomes accessible to anyone and everyone.


Anchored in Blockchain Technology, Merchant Moe Operates on Smart Contracts

Merchant Moe operates on the principles of a decentralized network, akin to the free-flowing exchange found at a portside market. Our platform is built on robust smart contracts, ensuring that you have complete control over your assets and trades, accessible globally, around the clock.


Swift Trades, Fair Prices, and a Smooth Experience — this is a guarantee when coming to Moe's exchange.

At Merchant Moe, swapping tokens is as simple as exchanging goods in the old bazaars, but with the speed and efficiency of modern magic — smart contracts. Our Automated Market Maker (AMM) is the genie that fulfills your trade wishes, ensuring that you get the best value for your tokens with every exchange.


Put your tokens to work and earn yield with Merchant Moe.

Why let your tokens gather dust when they can earn their keep instead? At Merchant Moe, your tokens can be staked in various liquidity pools, collecting a share of the trading fees as if they were Moe's own trusted traders. From the safety of stablecoins to the thrill of volatile assets, there's a place for everyone in Moe's market.


Harvest more than just trading yield with Moe bonuses.

Merchant Moe is not just about the usual trade; it's about the extra bounty. Partnering with a caravan of ecosystem allies, find offers for additional tokens as a reward for your liquidity. These special deals are limited in time, so be swift to seize them!


MOE token is the utility for the Merchant Moe ecosystem

The MOE Token is the lifeblood of our exchange, granting you a share in Merchant Moe's prosperity. Staking Moe Tokens earns you a steady income in stablecoins via sMOE, while also unlocking voting power over future MOE emission with veMOE. It's both your passport to greater yields and a voice in the future of Moe's realm.


Merchant Moe stands at the forefront of DeFi innovation.

At Merchant Moe, we fully embrace the innovative spirit of the Mantle Network, consistently introducing groundbreaking features that enhance accessibility and adoption. Merchant Moe will always be forging a path forward in this space. Committed to pioneering in this market, we continue to craft experiences that push the envelope, aiming to introduce DeFi's wonders to the masses.


Begin Your DeFi Journey with Merchant Moe

Ready to dive into the world of decentralized finance? Merchant Moe is your starting point. Convert your fiat currency into crypto through major exchanges, transfer it to your decentralized wallet on Mantle, and you're all set to explore the vibrant world of Merchant Moe.

Don't forget to join our bustling community in the Merchant Moe Discord Server!

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